New Year - Happy!

Well, I think this is probably the first new year resolution I have really think about. I think I can achieve this.

The resolution is, to write a summary of what I have done last year in the first day of the new year.  Sounds interesting, huh?

Okay, let me start from the year 2008. I'm reviewing what happened to me in 2007. Order is not by importance but chronological.

  1.  I love my father. This is amazing! My father came to Cambridge for 2 months to help to start a restaurant. I discovered a lot of things about him that I didn't able to. It really helped my relationship with my father.
  2. I love my brother. This is also amazing! I waited in the airport for like 6 hours when my brother was locked in a room being questioned by passport control. I did not know how much I worried about him and care about him before this happened.
  3. Restaurant Business is over, now. Almost everyone knows about the restaurant that I was involved. It turned out not what I expect. Perhaps, it's worked out even better than I expect. I'm not involved in the restaurant at all after my dad has gone back home. It was really a good experience for me to know about people, business and my family.
  4. Re-establish relationship with Vincent. Vincent was just one of the friend that I will visit and see each time I got back to HK. It was amazing he came to Cambridge for an exam. I am sorry that he didn't pass it but I think he got much more than passing the exam for his present in Cambridge. He clicked with John - turned out they're the best friend ever and we had very good time in Cambridge. Funny thing is that Vincent is visiting Cambridge 3 times while John didn't even go back to HK once. This shows how much Vincent likes Cambridge and my friends here. I'm sure all my friends love him too.
  5. Re-connecting to Tony. Life is amazing. My long lost ex-primary schoolmate Tony was found. We sat down and had dinner for the first time since like 15 years. He is amazed what I do in Cambridge and so do I amazed what he did in China/Hong Kong. After that eating we keep contacting each other very much and developed a very strong friendship. I personally also treat this is an opportunity that God has given me to try something new - to partner with him to do business. I have a lot to look forward in the coming year.
  6. Cutting off the emotion. Many of my friends know I have been on and off fancying/hitting on/dreaming about a girl who used to be my course mate in Warwick since 2002. 2007 marks the 5th year that I have been crazy about her. I have never blogged anything about girlfriend / love life stories, well, not only because I don't have any but I don't want to make it public. It has been a real torture in my life for the past 5 years. I'm glad that I have finally reached the limit and made one more (hopefully the last) time to call this off. So far I have not been contacting her since May 06.
  7. Change of Career. No matter what change, it takes a lot of guts to extend your comfort zone. My contract with Language Centre came to an end on Oct 06. It was a good 4 years in the centre. Even I was not productive I still got paid and not to worry very much. Things change now and turns me to a real man. I need to be much more responsible to what I do work-wise compare to the past. Amazingly, I have done quite a few freelance work since June. Hopefully more work is coming in and I can also find good people to work with me to do these work in the future. By the way, I got my Highly Skill Migration Scheme (HSMP) sorted in 2007. I can do any work including self-employ for 2 years in the UK.
  8. Fun. Same as the past years I have been living in Cambridge, fun is the major thing I do. I have been travelling quite a lot in 2007. Let me do a quick list:
  • Feb: Hong Kong
  • Mar: France Ski
  • Jun: La Rochelle, France. 
  • Jul: Turin, Italy. Shing's Wedding
  • Aug: Alton Tower
  • Sep: Peninsula, Ireland
  • Oct: lot of places in Germany
  • Nov: Hong Kong
  • Dec: Switzerland Ski
I'm actually amazed when I do this review. I didn't know there are so much happened. I think I shall thank God for everything has happened. I hope he will guide me to achieve what I meant to do. I wish my life could be a blessing to others.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will have a great 2008.

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