I am Legend - Reflections

First, I want to say that they should have used London in the movie, not New York. The reason is that Zombies are easier to find and incubate.
Zombies in the movies are:
1. Loss Hair
2. Aggressive
3. Biting people
4. Ultra Violet from the Sun will hurt them.

The reasons are:
1. You loss your hair if you live in the UK.
2. British are tend to be more aggressive in history - invading other countries.
3. No good food in the UK, so people started biting each other.
.4. Obviously, you hardly see the Sun in the UK.


Ok, I hope you had a good laugh. I recently watched a DVD called "Blood Diamond". It's not very exciting but it's a good film too. When I compare these 2 movies, I found something interesting :
1. Both main character died in their home country at the end of the movie
2. Both main character achieved what their life meant to achieve.
1. The main character of Blood Diamond wanted to greed and leave his home country
2. The main character of I am Legend wanted to help others and stay in his home country.
3. in Blood Diamond, the main character get himself in danger because of his greed.
4. in I am Legend, the main character always want to make himself safe but being tracked by Zombies.

This really makes me think what life is really about. Okay, honestly, these 2 movies are not the main factors made me think. As I shared in fellowship, I've been really thinking too much lately. I better get something done instead. Actually.. all above written are my thoughts while I was taking a shower. I'm a bit crazy. Huh!?

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